SAND SIFTING and SOIL CLEANING RAKES. Screened basket sifts rocks, shells, tarballs, glass and other debris from beaches.  Sift debris from sand volleyball courts.  Clean unwanted rocks from golf course bunkers.  Quickly screen soil when pre-seeding lawns and landscaping.  Separate manure in backyard chicken coops.  Auto-sifting feature doubles productivity and eliminates excess sand removal. 

Pristine Beach Again: La Jolla, CA
Shake'n Rake outperforms all other beach cleaning hand tools.
Volunteers at the scenic children's beach pool successfully removed seal droppings resulting in more sanitary ...
BEACH CLEANING, Oil tar ball removal in Gulf Shores Alabama, Christy

There are many types of sand sifting machines available, from large tow rigs, to smaller walk behind gas powered machines.  Although effective, their cost, bulk and transportation issues can make them unsuitable for many jobs.  An alternative to these machines is the Equi-Tee Manufacturing sand and soil sifting rakes. Ultra-strong and super lightweight, these patented hand tools do the work of sifting debris without the hassles of a large machine.  Careful construction and attention to balance make them a breeze to use.  Equipped with large capacity baskets with 1/4" and 3/8" screens or optionally with 5/16" or 5/8" tine spacing.  They can be manually agitated or come with an integral battery powered motor to auto-sift the dry beach sand.  Their high capacity baskets are mounted to a full length fiberglass shaft with a comfortable ergonomic grip. They are chemical, oil, salt and heat resistant making them an ideal heavy duty sand rake.  Equi-Tee Shake'n Rakes function as sand rakes, forks, shovels, scoops and screens, eliminating the need to carry multiple sand or soil cleaning and sifting tools. 
Motorized Shake'n Rakes are the only hand tool of their kind in the world.  Its auto-sifting action eliminates virtually all excessive effort yet it produces a beautiful screened product.  From beaches to backyard chicken coops to volleyball courts and ball fields, these tools should be included as part of an effective cleaning program.

Auto-sifting sand rake for beach cleaning
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BEACH SAND CLEANING FORK, Mini-tines remove tarballs

Hand tool baskets with fine tines for cleaner sand beaches and parks.
Exclusive Mini-Tine
(tm) 5/16ths" tine spacing is optimized for sifting larger debris like oily contamination, glass, tar balls, cigarettes, tree bark and needles, animal waste, sticks, shells and bottle caps.

Shake'n Rake beach cleaning tool

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Multiple Patented Innovations

Equi-Tee(tm) screened sifting rakes are patented (7,946,638 B2) and are available with 1/4" and 3/8" screened baskets.  Shake'n Forks(tm) are also available with a patented (7,540,544) Mini-Tine basket.  With 27 close-spaced tines, it provides the most effective way to manually remove sticks, seaweed, animal waste, rocks, shells, tree debris and tar balls, working even if the beach sand is wet or damp.  Special polymers are used to make baskets that are nearly impossible to break. Mini-tine rakes are equipped with a unique flexible backbone that allows the tines to slide more easily, improving ergonomic feel and reducing back strain.  The patented (7,222,900) Shake'n Rake is a purpose built version incorporating an auto-sifting function, a screened basket design, a larger standard battery pack and additional modifications for the sand environment.

Industry Proven in many Applications     

Motorized vs. Manual Rakes

The motorized Shake'n Rake is a remarkable piece of engineering. By carefully evaluating the effort required to manually agitate a basket, Equi-Tee Manufacturing developed a powered hand tool that virtually eliminates the need to engage in this strenuous task.  While our manual versions are sufficient for very small areas, cleaning large Shake'n Fork and Flex'n Fork basketsexpanses of beach or sand bunkers is very labor intensive by manually sifting.  An auto-sifting function speeds the process of cleaning while greatly reducing the effort required to clean sand or dirt.  An integral motor automatically performs the function of agitation, so all the operator needs to do is hold the grip and squeeze the variable speed trigger to gently agitate the tines without breaking the debris.  It incorporates rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries which have a long run time and can be fully re-charged in a couple of hours.  Order yours today.

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Made in the USA

Equi-Tee Farm and Fence was founded in 1983 and has already developed other well-known agricultural and forestry accessories such as Equi-Tee horse fencing and Max-flow air filters. Inventor Joseph Berto and his wife operate a horse breeding and training facility in Oregon and when it became clear that there was a need to improve the beach cleaning tools, Joseph used the resources of the company to develop and test the Equi-Tee Shake'n Forks. The beach sand sifting hand tools are manufactured and assembled in the USA by Equi-Tee Manufacturing. Equi-tee Manufacturing is located in Medford, Oregon and operates injection molding machines using our own tooling.  All of the assembly is done in house.  These forks have been sold worldwide and are known for their durability and ease of use.  Equi-Tee forks can be shipped via UPS to any location in the USA, FOB our warehouse.  Except for attaching the basket, they are fully assembled.  Larger quantities can be shipped on a pallet via truck. 

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